1- Luggage
 2- Backpack
 3- Military Bag
 4- Travelling Bag
 5- Car Organizer
 6- Laptop Bag
 7- Tote Bag
 8- Tool Bag
 9- Tool Box
Year 2014
Establish Ningbo Office In Ningbo City Center.
Year 2012
  Company Building No.4 was completed construction. .
Year 2013
Company Building No.3 was completed contruction.
Year 2011
New Injection production line is started
Year 2007
Second generation take over the position of management.
Year 2005
Move factory from Cixi to Yuyao,enlarge from 1500sm to 16000sqm.
Year 2001
Start bags production line.
Year 1995
Small injection factory in Cixi City started.
Year 1982
First generation Mr.XU Start home factory in Xinjie Town.
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